6th Expert Network on Working Conditions, Employment, and Health Surveys Conference (ECoTES Network)

vi meeting Uruguay

The “6th Expert Network on Working and Employment Conditions Surveys Conference” took place on June 26 and 27 in Montevideo (Uruguay), organized by the Universidad de la Republica de Uruguay with support from CiSAL-UPF.

The “Expert Network on Working and Employment Conditions Surveys” (ECoTES) promotes and works on the development of methodological tools and recommendations for researching the working conditions, employment, and health of the working class. Its objective is to help develop knowledge on quality of work and improving comparability between research in Latin America and the Caribbean, including national education and research institutions as well as intergovernmental organizations. With the support of the ECoTES network, surveys on working conditions, employment, and health have been launched, both new surveys (Peru, Puerto Rico) as well as second rounds of other surveys (Central America, Argentina).

The following objectives were proposed at the 6th Network Conference.

  • Present the results from the 2nd Survey on Working Conditions and Health in Argentina and Central America.
  • Present results from the Pilot Study of the Puerto Rico Working Conditions and Health Survey.
  • Approve Field and Interviewer Manuals for future Surveys.
  • Debate on the validation of the WHO-5.
  • Broaden the gender component of the WCEHLAS minimum contents Survey in order to get a deeper analysis on the subject.

The meeting was opened by Dr. María José Bagnato – Dean of the College of Psychology of the Universidad de la República de Uruguay.

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