The ECoTES Network will present a panel/symposium at the EPICOH 2020 Congress

Epicoh 2020

The panel proposal presented by members of the Network has been accepted and will be a great opportunity to present the work of the ECoTES Network at the EPICOH 2020 Conference to be held in Montreal (Canada) from August 31 to September 3, 2020.

The Symposium is entitled: “Working conditions and health in EU28, USA, Central and South America — Current data and future directions” organizers will be Kaori Fujishiro and Fernando G. Benavides and will consist of the following presentations:

  • Kaori Fujishiro - Worker health and working conditions in EU28 and USA: the analysis of the 2015 working conditions surveys
  • Cecilia Ines Cornelio - Working and employment conditions affect health and well-being: Results from II ECETSS (Argentina, 2018).
  • David Gimeno - Findings from the second working conditions survey in Central America.
  • Pamela Merino - Gender inequalities in working conditions and health in Ecuador: Results from the first Working Conditions Survey from Quito and Guayaquil.
  • Michael Silva - Evolution of the inequalities in health in Central America and the Caribbean between 2011 - 2018.